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King Salman arrives in Indonesia on a gold escalator – along with 506 tonnes of luggage, two limos and 1,000 staff

Jakarta, IMC - Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has landed in Indonesia with 506 tonnes of luggage and 1,000 aides in a plane decked in gold.
The head of state will spend nine days in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country and has made a number of eye-popping demands.
King Salman disembarks from his plane in Indonesia using a gold escalator

Salman asked for two gold-clad escalators, a pair of Mercedes-Benz limos and a custom-made toilet which has been built for him at a mosque in Jakarta.
The king will stay at a palace in Bogor where naked statues have been covered and 150 chefs have been hired to cook his meals, reports local media.
After spending time in capital Jakarta, the monarch and his huge entourage will stay in five luxury hotels in the island of Bali.

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