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Palestine After Donald Trump

Palestine After Donald Trump

by Denny JA

In front of the grave,
A mother hugs her teen son
Tears flow from the mother’s eyes
My heart has been sliced in two
She whispers silently
“Will I lose you, too, my child?
You are all I have left.”

Mother stares at rows of graves.
Her eldest son lies in a grave to her right.
Her husband lies in a grave to her left.
Her father lies in a grave over there.
Her grandfather lies in a grave over here.
All had been killed.

She kissed the grave of her husband.
Oh, God, I truly lack the strength.
I have already given everything
We just want to be independent.

That grave
Just wanted to say No to the settlers
Over a long period of time.

This grave just wants to liberate the land of his forebears
We just want to be independent.

Oh, Palestine,
Now only one of my children remains.
I should fulfill the will of his father
To struggle to liberate you,
although at the expense of life.

Mother hugged her child, again and again,
the one that still remained.
Tears flowed in torrents
And became an ocean.
Land, stones, trees, wind
Wept with her.
The sky drizzled.

In the meantime, over there
From the height of his throne,
The ruler with the blonde hair
Stood alone, engrossed in his office

For him, Palestine is merely a globe
He has fun playing with.
He head-butts the globe high in the air.
The ball falls, he bounces it off his shoulder
The ball descends, he bounces with his heel.
His body twists to the right,
then twists to the left.
Oh, what fun it is.

He doesn’t care
That one of these head-butts
Has shaken Palestine.
So many lives have been lost
Mothers lost their husband.
Children lost their father.
Husbands lost their wife.
How unfortunate ,
the earth is crying
but is helpless

In every town
The news has spread
Jerusalem is completely for the colonists.
The blonde-haired ruler
just wants to make history.
To oppose the world.
For this mother,
it is not just news.
It is only a sign.
She will lose another son,
the one that still remains.

She is preparing  the weapons
As instructed by her husband,
As instructed by her father,
As instructed by her grandfather,
As instructed by her ancestors.
Justice must be staunch.
Meaning must rise above death!

December, 2017


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